API Reference

Getting Started

This section is intended to give you a basic overview of our RESTful webservice and get you up and running quickly.

Public examples are available on https://github.com/stormboard to help you get started with a basic php cURL implementation. Other languages will be added soon.

Client Errors

Please make use of these errors to determine if the problem is on your side or ours.

400 - Bad Request

The data that you've supplied is not in the correct format. We are working at making the errors returned with this error much more helpful but in many cases this will already help you to figure out what went wrong.


{"message":"You cannot specify an idea id when creating an idea."}

401 - Not Authorized

You may receive this if you attempt to access a resource for which you do not have access, or if your Stormboard Plan does not permit you to access the requested resource.

Be sure to check the availability of the endpoint in this documentation.

  • Public - Available to all Stormboard Users
  • Team Members - Available to only Stormboard Users who have an active team subscription
  • Team Owners - Available to only Stormboard Users who are the team owner

403 - Forbidden

You may receive this if you attempt to access a resource for which you do not have access.

404 - Not Found

You've attempted to access an endpoint that does not exist. This may also happen if your url is malformed.

HTTP Verbs

Where possible, API v1 strives to use appropriate HTTP verbs for each action.

Verb Description
GET Used for retrieving resources
POST Used for creating resources, as well as performing specific actions
PUT Used for updating resources
DELETE Used for deleting resources


Dates will all use the ISO 8601 standard as shown below.


Dates that are sent to Stormboard that do not have a timezone component will be assumed to be in UTC

Rate Limiting

This API uses standard rate limiting headers and returns a http code 429 when you have reached your limit in the period.

  • RateLimit-Limit - The number of requests in a period
  • RateLimit-Remaining - The remaining quota in the current period
  • RateLimit-Reset - The time when the quota resets - specified in seconds
  • RateLimit-Policy - The quota policy. The quota policy expression can be found in the IETF draft